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Day & Opera is the network luxury shop in St. Petersburg, Russia where customers can really find the latest European collections of the best world-famous footwear designers - Etro , Givenchy, John Galliano, Roberto Cavalli , Pucci , Sebastian, Botticelli, Alexander Mc Queen, Jhohn Richmond, Philip Plein . For many years, Russian footwear preferences were focused on very specific models, primarily of black color. But time is changing and now many people want to see in St. Petersburg the same footwear which they can find in boutiques and shops in Milan, Paris, New York. That is our aim and that is what we’ll give our clients! 


With more than 5 million citizens, St-Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. Although the standards of living in the city are not as high as in Moscow, St. Petersburg is very rich, active and up-to-date in comparison with other regions of Russia. An amazingly beautiful city with more than 300 years of history, St. Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia. And if Moscow is a well-known business center, St. Petersburg is a “window to Russia” for many tourists from all over the world. 

Day & Opera shops locations

The vast historical center of the city and districts with luxury real estate provide a wide selection of premises for shops. Each Day & Opera shop will be located in separate premises with a separate entrance on the ground floor of a historical or modern building chosen as an important part of status and the Day & Opera brand image. 

Target audience

Day & Opera is a footwear shop for the whole family or individual clients. The age of the target audience is 25 +.


Footwear for men, women and children age 8 years and older. The key requirements for Day & Opera shop footwear products are well-known brands, new collections, availability of footwear for different seasons. They also must be comfortable, fashionable made of quality materials and be in high demand in Europe. We are planning to offer our clients full or almost full range of new collections of our footwear star brands from Europe. 


Starting from 200 euros for children’s footwear and 450 euros for men’s and women’s footwear.

Day & Opera brand

The brand name speaks for itself signifying that our shops have footwear models for both everyday use and special occasions. The Day & Opera brand style is low-key, but friendly. The key values of the Day & Opera brand are comfort, fashion, welfare, health, good mood. We pay special attention to polite and professional work of our staff. The style of interior design is natural: sophistication and glamor , metallic luster, lacquer and chrome. 


Now Day & Opera has 3 stores - Nevskiy avenue, 153, Bolshoy avenue, 31 and commercial center " Piter ". By the end of 2012, we are planning to open in St. Petersburg a chain of 2-3 shops and more than 10 shops over the next few years. 

Contact Us

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